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Looking for a company who provides more than just software?


RDS is that company. RDS works with you to achieve your unique goals and daily objectives through frequent communication and quality software products, with the ability to get custom software changes when needed and personalized training and consulting services as well.

Get more than a product off the shelf. Get a company who cares and who has the product you want and need for managing your school or government administration needs.

For more information or to setup a presentation contact Jenna Vasaitis 219-661-3200 or

Applicant Tracking

This versatile application builder lets you create unlimited job-specific applications which can be completed by applicants via the web. It's powerful search engine simplifies the selection and review of qualified applicants. A new employee record can be initiated from the selected candidate's application.

Financial Accounting & Reporting

This fund-based accounting package accommodates both cash-based and accrual accounting. Supports both calendar & fiscal budgets concurrently and has a proven set of tools that provides solid, secure business logic for your daily operations.

Master Schedule Builder

For each school, create unlimited versions of schedules with the opportunity to make changes and evaluate them independently. The ability to access this product online through a secure portal gives you flexibility as to when and where you build your schedule.

Report Builder

Create reports, labels, send emails, create mail-merge letters and generate excel files from any location that provides web access into the school's secure portal. Users can also select from a variety of predefined reports or reports published by other users.

Staff Directory

Our web based staff directory enables users to quickly locate contact information such as work phone and extension, email address and other information for your employees. Data elements can be established for private and/or public viewing.

Course Planner

Enables students to pick their own course requests from a course catalogue defined by the school for summer school or fall scheduling. This can be done in a classroom setting or through Parent Access online.


RDS Gradebook is a complete administrative tool for schools & teachers. Everything, from entering daily attendance to adding assignment scores, is made easier than ever before.

Gives parents the power to view up-to-the minute attendance, grades, discipline, plus current and upcoming assignments from any place where they can access the internet. Improves parent/teacher communication and is a good tool for parents to be more involved in their child's education.

Response to Instruction

Creates a referral framework used for documenting tiered interventions for learning and behavioral issues. With this module, the entire process can be easily documented and shared with as many users as assigned, thus helping to eliminate the need to distribute paper.

This module includes comprehensive fee accounting, attendance, discipline, medical records, graduation requirement analysis, scheduling, guidance, test scores and state reporting. The Address Integrity Module ensures accurate addresses for your transportation scheduling system.

Employee Access

Provides 24-hour access for employees to view/print pay stubs, W2s, W4 information, benefits, pension, leave balances, reimbursement deposits, licenses and have the ability to accept/decline contract worksheets & contracts online.

Human Resources

An electronic form processing module for employment changes, such as new hires, change of job assignment, resignations, etc. with paperless routing through the approval process as well as departmental notification of changes. Provides employment verification forms.


Eliminate the time consuming task of charging off the employer's share of FICA, Medicare, Pensions and other corp-provided benefits to the appropriate accounts. Remote entry of time & attendance is monitored by the security system which effectively restricts access to the appropriate employees.

Special Education

Track Personal Information, Referral, Placements and First Steps in this intuitive Web Based Software. State reports are easily generated with just a few clicks. Create Ad Hoc Reports and Custom Letters. IEPs and other documents can be attached as the student's record.

Work Orders

Our web based Work Order system will improve the flow of your work orders by eliminating the slow process of paper work orders. Schedule jobs and track the status of work orders form the time of entry to completion.


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